Lay It All Down

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“Aren’t we all unfinished don’t we all need editing” -Rudy Francisco

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“Lay it all down
Lay it all down
Lay it all down
Lay it all down…”



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Something wise I heard, went a little like this:

Think About It…

It’s never enough.

“Come to me to the most populated prison in the world.

The facility has more inmates than bunks.

More prisoners than plates.

More residents than resources.

Come to me to the world’s most oppressive prison.

Just ask the inmates; they will tell you.

They are overworked and underfed.

Their walls are bare and bunks are hard.

No prison is so populated,

No prison so oppressive,

And, what’s more,

No prison is so permanent.

Most inmates never leave.

They never escape.

They never get released.

They serve a life sentence in this overcrowded,

Under provisioned facility.

The name of the prison?

You’ll see it over the entrance.

Rainbowed over the gate are four cast-iron letters that spell out its name:

W – A – N – T

The prison of want.

You’ve seen her prisoners.

They are “in want.”

They want something.

They want something bigger.

Nicer. Faster. Thinner. Thicker. They want.

They don’t want much,

Mind you.

They want just one thing.

One new job.

One new car.

One new house.

One new spouse.

They don’t want much.

They want just one.

And when they have “one,” they will be happy.

And they are right — they will be happy.

When they have “one,” they will leave the prison.

But then it happens.

The new car smell passes.

The new job gets old.

The neighbors buy a larger TV set.

The new spouse has bad habits.

The sizzle fizzles,

And before you know it,

Another ex-con breaks parole

And returns to jail.

Are you in prison?

You are if you feel better when you have more

And worse when you have less.

You are if joy is one delivery away,

One transfer away,

One award away,

Or one make-over away.

If your happiness comes from something you deposit, drive, drink, or digest, then face it –

You are in prison, the prison of want”


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Grunge Twilight

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Blow me a gentle breeze to calm my confusion,

Wind it through me with some calm touch of grace,

And nestle its wisps of peace in the depths of my soul.

Tone down the darkness in me,

And whisper,



Tornados of perplexity and mystic indulge my being,

Enraging the typhoon in me thus awakening the loud silence.

They sink my weary cry with the ripping touch of the tempest,

Rocking the little beacon of light in me

Into a

Jet black sea,



And so my sunken ashen self-drenches my withered soul,

Turning it into a liquefied echo of a thousand screams.

All that time,

Echoing a forgotten song while floating with her soul

To a panorama of deceasing bliss,

Dead and Gone.


She becomes one again, body and soul.

Her being seeps through the ravenous waters,

Becoming one with the serpentine coves,

That lead to the engulfing Deathly Hollows,

Delicately shadowed in untainted Moonlight.

Her shredded core dances in the moonlight,

With every bob in the water

Devouring her,



I. N. K. E. D.

Darker Shade of Salience

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See her body had curves, but so did her personality,

The outer beauty did attract,

But I needed the inner beauty,

To captivate.

She was a black champagne, so interesting,

One would want to try her,

Knowing however that she’d probably kill you.

How deceiving.

She breathed within me,


Bounding me to her every being,

I could only submit and listen as she whispered deep within me,

‘Only my body will succumb to death,

My soul will continue to haunt you in the most beautiful ways

Long after I’m gone and corporally forgotten.’

Leaving the words ricocheting in my head…


The thought of her wild ways held very little allure of her very tattooed being

This deep, dark withdrawn outer,

What exactly was it embracing?

And so I embarked on a quirky trip

In search of this idiosyncratic being’s inner.


My destination.

A skeletal cage; home of the wild one,

Always sheltered from the world and kept out of reach.

Embedded in deep and dark beds of bone and gros,

Full of who knew, maybe beasts and demons,

It could only be good for one thing,



Carved out into curved bars, somewhat shielding the wild one

But still capacious to rage in,

There lay the creature, unwelcoming at first sight,

Withdrawn in itself,

I must say,

However, it had a benevolent look of some sort.

For a minute I was trapped in all its wonder,

The scars twisting into archways of what looked like veins

That made me recall how she wore her scars in the outer like a story

That way she would always be reminded of where she had been,

Personifying those scars into tattoos that were her map

And so she would always know where she was at,

How significant.


As I waded through the chambers,

I could feel the pulse of life radiating from this muscle

Each beat a reminder of hope,

Hitting back each time it licked the cage’s robust cal-phosphorus bars

As the lash of life died into pain,

Causing a jerking rage of the muscle

And simultaneously reducing the pulse of life into

A gloomy glare of vast emotions.


And that reminded me of her dusky eyes…


In this jet-black sea of darkness

I saw a soul,

Only to a mere man was she dark.

This was the beacon of light spoken of,

The center of any willing man’s world,

All she needed was a stir of her deranged spirit.

This pastel tragedy with a rock ‘n roll heart,

Whose joy was fed on by insatiable gloom.

I looked into her soul again,

And so I realized she was truly beautiful.


She was beautiful,

In the quiet way that lonely, unnoticed people,

Are beautiful to those who see through them.



~I. N.K-o-Mania